Indoor Rock Climbing Initiation

Organized by Hannes Fostie

Still room for 7 people


  • Arnvald
  • Joermungandr
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Bouldering is an easy to enter form of rock climbing, on fake rocks usually no higher than 4 or so meters and without ropes (using soft mats to protect against injuries). You don't need to be The Hulk to climb a couple routes.

Depending on when the new gym is ready we could even do some top-roping (walls of up to 14 meters, with ropes) but I think bouldering will be more fun.

We'll try to find someone to give some pointers for technique and safety.


Comfy clothes

Thu, 2.10 — 20:00
Thu, 2.10 — 22:00
Bleau Climbing Gym